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Lemo I/O Box

Lemo I/O Box Breakout-box

Our Breakout-box is available with BNC, SMB, SMA plugs and sockets, open end with ferrules. More connectors on request.

New: Mow with Lemo 00 and 1S built-in sockets and multipolar Fischer connectors
New: Box to Box = Connection of two breakout-boxes without adapter, for more information  > BNC to BNC

Breakout-box BNC – SMA – SMB


Our Breakout-box has a light-weight, but robust case from aluminium and is designed for use on machines, in laboratories or in the automotive sector.
The Breakout-Box is available with various equipment:
with 4, 6 or 8 BNC-Sockets.


Extension cable with SMA plug

Extend cables easily with our extension cables for SMA plugs to SMA jacks.

The maximum length of a extension cable
is not simple to determine, because a lot of factors are decisive.
The input variable and the maximum frequency to be transmitted have to be considered. How well a signal is transmitted, is specified via the attenuation. As orientation guide, we indicated the attenuation of the coaxial cable at a signal of 1GHz.
Simply put: The lower this value, the higher the output of the line.
More information on attenuation here:

The assemblies are deliverable in lenghts of 0,5m, 1

SMA cable pre-assembled

Information about SMA-plug connector

SMA plug connectors are principally used for applications in a frequency range from 1GHz to 18 / 26,5 GHz (depending on the competion). The wave impedance is normally around 50 Ohm.
An SMA plug has a locking nut (width across flats 8) with pin as inner conductor. The SMA socket has an outer-thread and a metallic tubing as inner conductor.

Pre-assembled cables in the shop

Name Addition Prices from
Coaxial cable RG174, 0,75 m SMA-Plug <–> R-SMA-Socket 13,32 EURO
SMA-plug on R-SMA-socket, RG174, 1 m SMA-plug on R-SMA-socket, L=1,0 m 13,62 EURO
Coaxial cable RG316D, 0,25