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Antenna cable for LTE, 3G, 4G, 5G, WLAN

The following table consists of high-quality, weatherproof antenna cables with low attenuation. The quality of the cable type (attenuation) and its length play a very important role, especially when connecting antennas to the transmitter over longer distances.
You can put together and order all cables exactly to your needs in our cable configurator.…

Now new: data sheets for arnoflex cables

Good news for our customers and interested parties. All data of our in-house brand arnoflex can now be found in our new and clearly arranged data sheets. Arnoflex cables are available in many different, partly halogen-free variants and combine consistent quality with an attractive price. In cooperation with our reliable cable manufacturer, we have designed our range according to the high demands of our customers and can now also back this up with reliable data.

arnoflex 58 LSNH, 214 LSNH and 59 LSNH are also approved for use in railway and marine applications because they are halogen-free.
They correspond to …

Cover caps

Now new: cover caps for coaxial connectors


Consistent performance and quality are very special concerns for us. To ensure that this remains the case in the course of your application, we have now added Telegärtner cover caps to our range. These protect your connectors from external influences such as dust as long as they are not connected to your application. For convenient handling, our cover caps are also optionally available with chains so that they do not get lost when not in use. Every cover cap in our range is waterproof to IP67 or IP54.

Protect your cable assemblies now with our new cover caps!


LMR 600

Newly arrived in our range: the LMR 600 and the LMR 600 FR

The LMR 600 is a high-quality coaxial cable with lowloss properties. With its PE sheath, it is suitable for outdoor use without restrictions. The manufacturer Times Microwave gives a 20-year guarantee on the UV resistance of its LMR cable.

The fire-resistant variant LMR 600 FR has an FRPE sheath that corresponds to the FRNC variants of the other LMR cables. Accordingly, it has the LSNH (Low Smoke No Halogen) property.

Fields of application: Radio application, broadband communication, automotive sector, assemblies …

IP protection types for coaxial connectors

What are IP protection types?

The abbreviation IP stands for International Protection or also Ingress Protection (protection from intrusion). In our case, the protection class for coaxial connectors provides information about their suitability for certain environmental conditions. This classification clearly clarifies whether a connector is suitable for outdoor use, for example, or whether it could be damaged by penetrating moisture. Incidentally, similar requirements for cables are explained in the article “Jacket materials for coaxial cables”. The individual protection classes are defined within Germany according to DIN and internationally according to ISO.

How is the IP code composed?

The …

Cable tester

Cable tester for coaxial cables – Cable tester

Our new Timag 100 tester quickly and easily tests a coaxial cable for transmission quality or attenuation at specified frequencies using a reference cable.

One or more frequency ranges are tested by means of signal transmitters up to 3.8GHz. No programming knowledge is required to teach the test – one or more reference cables are sufficient.
The “Timag 100” was developed for service and quality assurance, cable testing and cable diagnosis of coaxial cables.



  • simple instruction – without programming
  • fast and reliable testing of cables
  • store and manage up to 100 different cables
  • Can be used without prior