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Kink protection for coaxial cable

One of the most annoying problems with coaxial cable applications is that they tend to break at their most vulnerable point, the connection between the cable and the connector. Be it due to frequent use or improper handling. This can be prevented with a bend protector for coaxial cables. We stock both bend protection sleeves and shrink sleeves, the advantages of which are explained below.

Kink protectors


These serve to mechanically protect cables from excessive bending directly at the connector. In addition, different coloured cable sleeves can be used to identify different signals. In our assortment you will find …

Cover caps – Closure caps – Protective sleeves for cable assemblies

Now new in our range: Cover caps and protective sleeves for cable assemblies

Protect connectors from dust and dirt

To protect sensitive connectors, we have included suitable dust and transport protection covers as accessories in our range.

Unless otherwise stated, the matching transport protection we offer always applies to the entire connector series, i.e. both plugs and sockets.

Our sleeves provide ideal protection against mechanical influences, dust and moisture by firmly and tightly connecting the connector to the housing.

They are also characterised by their reusability!

They can be used more than once and are therefore perfect for …

Picture Galerie of koaxialcable

Koaxialkabel 50 Ohm – Bildergalerien 1,5 – 2,1 mm / Gr:1

RG178 Koaxialkabel
RG178 Koaxialkabel

RG 196 A/U
RG 196 A/U, Koaxialkabel – Koaxialleitung RG196

RGL196 LowNoise Koaxialkabel – Koaxialleitung

RG405 /U Koaxialkabel – Koaxialleitung

Kapton 1.45mm Koaxialkabel
Kapton 1.45mm Koaxialkabel – Koaxialleitung

LN5001 LowNoise Koaxialkabel – Koaxialleitung

Sucoform 86 Koaxialkabel – Koaxialleitung

Koaxialkabel 50 Ohm – Bildergalerien 2,4 – 3,2 mm / Gr:2

RG174 Koaxialkabel – RG174 A/U Koaxialleitung, RG174

RG174 LSNH Koaxialkabel – RG174 Halogenfrei

RG188 A/U, RG188

RG_316 U
RG316 /C Koaxialkabel – Koaxialleitung, RG316 C

RG_316 U
RG316 Koaxialkabel – Koaxialleitung, RG316

RGL 316 LowNoise Koaxialkabel, RGL 316

RG_316 U
RG 316D – RD 316 – RGD316 Koaxialkabel – Koaxialleitung

Individual labelling

For an optimum differnetiation of your cables, we offer you an  individual labelling on two lines with up to 15 characters each. Our labels are all waterproof, abrasion- and acid-resistant and thus offer you a durable possibilty to  note for example serial numbers, company names, connecting ports etc directly on the cable.

Customer specific cable labelling

Tip: Use in combination with our coloured kink protection. Design: Wrap-around labels are available in widths of 12.70 mm and 25.40 mm. The printing will be made black on white. It will be a 2-line printing with max. 15 characters each. As a standard,