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We have moved

arnotec GmbH has moved! Since mid-September the supplier for the electrical industry has been in its new premises in Grünhutstraße 7 in Karlsruhe-Knielingen.

For years, arnotec, whose brands also include koax24, has been experiencing steady growth – also in terms of the number of employees. For this very reason, we reached our limits with the capacity of the former offices and production hall. A move became unavoidable and in mid-September the time had finally come: after the production had already moved into the new hall, the administration also moved into the new offices.

The move to our …

Fire properties of coaxial cables

Many coaxial cables are designed to withstand high temperatures of up to 200°C without damage. These usually have a dielectric made of PTFE and an outer sheath made of FEB, PFA or PTFE. Cables with a dielectric and sheath made of Kapton are even temperature-resistant up to 250°C.


Please note: If temperature-resistant cables are assembled with the matching connectors and bend protectors, the maximum temperature is always that of the component with the lowest temperature resistance. If the coaxial cable is suitable for temperatures up to 200°C, but the connectors are only suitable for temperatures up to 100°C, the …

Job advertisement TYPO3 Software Developer Fullstack Engineer (m/f/d)

Are you an independent and creative mind who would like to improve an existing system? You would like to revolutionise the shopping experience of customers with your ideas and support the associated production with your innovative ideas in the implementation? Then we are looking for you as

TYPO3 Software Developer Fullstack Engineer (m/f/d)

In the last few years, our business model has become established without restrictions and our owner-managed company with its own production in Germany continues to advance thanks to the deglobalisation of supply chains.

Just come by and let us convince you that this job is just right

Just-in-Time – Production and deliveries to your specifications

Just-in-Time production and deliveries

At koax24/litze24 you receive 95% of your orders at the exact time agreed. Are punctuality, quality and reproducible results important to you? Then you found the right partner in us. Due to our sophisticated order control concept, we can guarantee a just-in-time production and delivery.

Suppliers are controlled regarding quality and delivery reliability. Thus, a continuous supply chain between suppliers and customers is guaranteed. Via tracking, our customers can view their exact status of their delivery.

Benefit from these advantages and agree on JIT-delivery contracts.

All of our producuts are subject to quality control.
All orders …

Koax24 Kabelkonfigurator

No-name or branded goods? You have the choice!

You can choose between BNC_farbig_konfektionassemblies, which are assembled exclusively with brands of well-known manufacturers, and assemblies by manufacturers, who are less well-known. This does not mean, that the quality of the connectors and the resulting cable assemblies are worse or worth less. But it might be an option for especially price-sensitive applications, as the assemblies are usually between 2 to 5 €  more favourable than goods of brand manufacturers.

Example: BNC cable assembly by Telegärtner or by our alternative manufacturer
Price difference: 2.80 €

We check every batch of the connectors on technical parameters and pay close attention to …