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Antenna cable for LTE, 3G, 4G, 5G, WLAN

The following table consists of high-quality, weatherproof antenna cables with low attenuation. The quality of the cable type (attenuation) and its length play a very important role, especially when connecting antennas to the transmitter over longer distances.
You can put together and order all cables exactly to your needs in our cable configurator.…

Koaxialkabel, Koaxialstecker

TNC connector and N connector for LMR195 and LMR600

Up to now, our product range mainly comprised Amphenol Times Microwave Systems cables by the metre.
New in the range are now the matching TNC and N connectors for the LMR195 and LMR600 cables.
Below you will find a compact overview of our delivery programme of cables and connectors from Times.

TNC-plug, 7-16 DIN plug and N-plug for LMR195 and LMR600

TNC plug, straight, crimp
50 Ω
7-16 DIN plug, angle 90°, crimp
50 Ω
7-16 DIN plug, straight, crimp
50 Ω
N jack, straight, crimp
50 Ω
N plug, straight,