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Breakout Box

The clever distribution of the measuring signal to the measuring device

With the arnotec connection box, you have the possibility to distribute your measurement signals reliably and simply. The device can be installed and reconnected in a completely uncomplicated way, so that the monitoring of different measuring points is no challenge. Flexible mounting, for example in a control cabinet or on the wall, facilitates integration into your application.

Since each connector is insulated from the housing as standard and each cable is shielded all the way to the end, our connection boxes offer you the highest possible quality and …

Breakoutbox in Edelstahl


New product:
The distribution of measuring signals to machines and measuring stations is now even easier thanks to our new Breakout-Box!

The housing of the Breakout-Box consists of stainless steel and is provided with 4 mounting holes for installation on a wall or on machine parts. The back side of the Breakout-box is sealed with potting compound and fulfills the requirements of IP67. The housing is completely closed, providing an increased protection from EMC-irradiation.

All connectors are isolated and are lead out individually. The connectors and the length of the line are freely selectable. By labelling the cables, the …