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Connecting block with coaxial connectors

Signal connection box in our online-shop available in the following configurations:


Cables and connection lines available with following connectors (50R / 75R):

BNC, BNC-Pro, TNC, RP-TNC, SMA, Microdot, Lemo 00, Lemo 0S, Fischer Connector, more on request.
New: conenctors to D-Sub

Connecting block with coaxial connectors

Available cable types:
Coaxial cables GR1GR2, GR3, GR4
Data sheet connection box: Data sheet
Request form for customized Breakout-boxes: Request form

PTFE – coaxial cables

PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene, also known by the brand name Teflon®, dissolvent and temperature resistant up to 260°C, best electrical properties, but high material costs. PTFE is a hard material and is used as dielectric and as cable sheath.

Coaxial cables with PTFE sheath in our online-shop

LN 5002 | RGL 196

We produce the exact suitable cable assembly for you!

Cables for high temperatures? Cables for engine test stands?
Cables for high vacuum? Cables and lines for mining and tunnel construction?
Assembled cables for machines with steel reinforcement? …

We proudce the exact suitable cables for you, starting from one piece.

FEP – Koaxialkabel

FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene)
Insulation material with exceptionally good electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties. Permanent temperatures of up to 205°C and operating temperatures of up to -90°C are possible.

All coaxial cables with FEP sheath in our online-shop

Multiflex 86 | RG 142 | RG 179 | RG 316D | RGL 316 | RGT 178 | RGT 316 | SS 405

Comparison of coaxial cables

Do you want to compare two cables on their technical properties?
Which cable is the most suitable for me? Here you will find the answer Compare coaxial cables

Basic knowledge on coaxial cables

Breakout-Box with 8x BNC socket

Our Breakout-Box has a light-weight, but solid case from alumium and is designed for application on machines, laboratory workplaces or in the automobile sector.

Breakout Box mit 8x BNC-Buchse
Breakout-Box available in various versions:
with4, 6 or 8 BNC-sockets. You can either choose the cable length of the supply line and the plug connectors on your own or take the lengths we recommend.

A customer specific completion is possible without  additional costs. All cables are connected individually with the plug connectors in the box and  joined by a PG gland as well as a braided hose. Each plug connector can be exactly assigned by the …

Coaxial cable SCF14-50

Woven sheath cable LowLoss of category 1/4 inch / 50 Ohm
also known as 1/4″ CELLFLEX (R) Superflexible Foam-Dielectric Coaxial Cable.

This LowLoss woven sheath cable has a woven shield from solid copper, a dielectric from foam-PE and an inner conductor from copper plated aluminium.

Application fields: Antennas, highly stable connections to base stations, military technology


Cable type: SCF14-50J
Wave impedance: 50 Ohm,
Frequency range up to 20 GHz,
Inner conductor: Alu copper plated
Inner conductor diameter: 1,9 mm,
Dielectric diameter: 4.3 mm,
Shielding: woven copper
Sheath: PE,
External diameter: 7.8 mm,
Colour: black,
Temperature range: -50°C to +85°C,…

Individual labelling

For an optimum differnetiation of your cables, we offer you an  individual labelling on two lines with up to 15 characters each. Our labels are all waterproof, abrasion- and acid-resistant and thus offer you a durable possibilty to  note for example serial numbers, company names, connecting ports etc directly on the cable.

Customer specific cable labelling

Tip: Use in combination with our coloured kink protection. Design: Wrap-around labels are available in widths of 12.70 mm and 25.40 mm. The printing will be made black on white. It will be a 2-line printing with max. 15 characters each. As a standard,

Cable assembly offerings

Prices from
TNC-plug on TNC-socket, RG58, 4 m
Pre-assembled cable with RG58
14,70 17,04 EURO
Pre-assembled cable RG174 1,0 m
BNC-plug <–> SMB-plug
8,34 11,82 EURO
BNC-plug on SMA-plug, RG174, 4 m
Pre-assembled cable with RG174
11,94 13,74 EURO
Measuring line BNC on test probe, RG174, 1,5 m
BNC-plug <–> IC-test probe (red/black)
13,50 15,66 EURO

Kabelauswahl in unserem Onlineshop


Der Leiter ist durch das Dielektrikum von der Schirmung isoliert und befindet sich im Zentrum des Kabels. Die Geometrie muss sehr genau eingehalten werden. Wird ein Koaxialkabel mit einem kleineren als dem zulässigen Biegeradius geknickt, werden die elektrischen Werte nicht mehr eingehalten und das Kabel ist für bestimmte Anwendungszwecke nicht mehr brauchbar.

50 Ω
50 Ω
50 Ω
50 Ω
50 Ω