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Non-halogen coaxial cables

Cables and lines which are compliant to this norm, are made of non-halogen and flame-retardant sheath material. In case of fire, this guarantees a low smoke development and is therefore prescribed for permanent installations in indoor spaces and buildings.

Specified in the regulation: IEC60332-3, DIN VDE 0472-804

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Non-halogenfreie coaxial cables

0,6/2,8 AF | 0.8/3.7 AF | 1.0/4.8 AF | Belden 7806 | EF 142 | EF 316D | EF 400 | H 155 PE | HD PRO 0.6/2.8 AF | Kapton | LMR 195 | LMR 240 UF | LMR

Which is the right cable for my application?

Question: Which is the right cable for my application?

For applications up to 1GHz we recommend the RG174, for applications up to 2.5GHz we recommend the RG179, RG188, RG187 or RG316. For applications above 2.5Ghz we recommend the use of low loss cable such as SS405, Multiflex_86 or CLF100. Due to the used materials and the cable structure, those cables are suitable for high frequencies (see illustration „Attenuation“).

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