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We have moved

arnotec GmbH has moved! Since mid-September the supplier for the electrical industry has been in its new premises in Grünhutstraße 7 in Karlsruhe-Knielingen.

For years, arnotec, whose brands also include koax24, has been experiencing steady growth – also in terms of the number of employees. For this very reason, we reached our limits with the capacity of the former offices and production hall. A move became unavoidable and in mid-September the time had finally come: after the production had already moved into the new hall, the administration also moved into the new offices.

The move to our …

Vergleich zwischen RP-SMA-Stecker - RP-SMA-Buchse und  SMA-Stecker - SMA-Buchse

SMA and Reverse SMA

RP SMA und SMAThe difference between a classic connector and its reverse version can often lead to confusion. Therefore, in this article we will go into the origins and differences of these connector types using the example of an SMA connector.

The difference between a classic connector and its reverse version can often lead to confusion. Therefore, in this article we will go into the origins and differences of these connector types using the example of an SMA connector.

An SMA connector (SMA = Sub-Miniature Version A) is primarily used for applications in frequency ranges from 1GHz …

IP protection types for coaxial connectors

What are IP protection types?

The abbreviation IP stands for International Protection or also Ingress Protection (protection from intrusion). In our case, the protection class for coaxial connectors provides information about their suitability for certain environmental conditions. This classification clearly clarifies whether a connector is suitable for outdoor use, for example, or whether it could be damaged by penetrating moisture. Incidentally, similar requirements for cables are explained in the article “Jacket materials for coaxial cables”. The individual protection classes are defined within Germany according to DIN and internationally according to ISO.

How is the IP code composed?

The code …

Fire properties of coaxial cables

Many coaxial cables are designed to withstand high temperatures of up to 200°C without damage. These usually have a dielectric made of PTFE and an outer sheath made of FEB, PFA or PTFE. Cables with a dielectric and sheath made of Kapton are even temperature-resistant up to 250°C.


Please note: If temperature-resistant cables are assembled with the matching connectors and bend protectors, the maximum temperature is always that of the component with the lowest temperature resistance. If the coaxial cable is suitable for temperatures up to 200°C, but the connectors are only suitable for temperatures up to 100°C, …

Chemical resistance of coaxial cables

It is not uncommon for a coaxial cable to be exposed to substances that can possibly impair its effect. In this case, it is useful to know the chemical resistance of the material in order to select the right cable for your application in advance. As you can see from the table below, in addition to the sheath material of the cable, the temperature of your application is also crucial. This is due to the fact that the structure of plastics changes at different temperatures. The most common plastics of our cable sheaths are considered here: PVC and PE. You …

Prices and delivery times

In the meantime, the general trend of cost development has also reached us. Despite the current situation, however, you can be sure that arnotec GmbH is taking all measures to delay passing on increased costs for purchased parts for as long as possible. Nevertheless, the constantly rising prices for energy, transport and materials present us with a challenge, even though our efforts to date have been sufficient to keep our prices largely constant.

Nevertheless, we reserve the right to renegotiate the sales price with you should our sources of supply increase their prices by more than 5%.


Delivery dates

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In the last few years, our business model has become established without restrictions and our owner-managed company with its own production in Germany continues to advance thanks to the deglobalisation of supply chains.

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Express production of cable assemblies

Short-term, critical requirements cannot always be foreseen and planned for accordingly. Knowing this, we offer express production of cable assemblies in various gradations. If our standard production time of 5-7 working days is not sufficient to meet your requirements on time, production can also be carried out in a shorter time for an additional charge, so that the ordered items can be delivered on the next working day if the order is received on time. For particularly critical needs, we recommend combining this with express delivery from UPS.

If you select express processing in the shopping cart during the ordering