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special cable – cable assembly

Are you looking for a special cable?

Then you´ve come to the right place. According to your wishes and requirements, we produce individual cables. We also produce coaxial cables suitable for your application.
For this purpose, you can select from all connection types and connectors. Below, you see a small selection from our previously custom-made solutions. Quality and delivery time have highest priority for our special solutions.

Cableconfigurator > Cable assembly 50R

You are looking for a special made cable?

Then you have come to the right place! We produce not only simple coaxial cales, but also individual cabels

Cable Assembly with our cable Configurator

Cable Assembly with our cable Configurator:

Choose your best combination from over 100 different Plugs and Sockets, as well as over 100 different cable typesA large storage capacity allows a rapidmanufacturing in Karlsruhe! You can use our interactive cable configurator based on images and associated information – order online and the cable can be with you the next day!

Coaxial cable in stock:

RG178 | RG196 A/U | RGL196 LowNoise | RG405 /U | KAPTON 1.45MM | LN5001 LowNoise | Sucoform 86 | RG174 A/U | RG174 LSNH | RG188 A/U | RG316