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Manufacturers in cable assembly

Here we present you a short list of our manufacturers of coaxial cables:

Huber&Suhner: We are a leading international manufacturer and provider of components and systems for the electrical and optical connection technology. Headquartered in Switzerland with 25 companies and several agencies in over 60 countries worldwide, we are always next to our customers.
LEMO is a recognised leader in the development and manufacturing of customer specific solutzins for precision plug conections. The high quality push-pull plug connections by LEMO are applicable in a multitude of application fields, where the highest quality is required, for example in medical technology, industrial

Cable Assembly via web!

Cable Assembly with our cable Configurator

Choose your best combination from over 100 different Plugs and Sockets, as well as over 100 different cable types. A large storage capacity allows a rapid manufacturing in Karlsruhe! You can use our interactive cable configurator based on images and associated information – order online and the cable can be with you the next day!



The conductor is isolated from the shielding by the dielectric and is located in the center of the cable. The geometry must be closely adhered. Is a coaxial cable bent lower …


Thanks to our flexible and fast cable assembly, you have the opportunity to purchase customized cables at very reasonable prices.

We supply to all sectors from the automotive industry to the civil aviation sector.

  • High Quality – Connectors and cables only from well-known brands
  • Cable assembly – manufactured in Germany
  • Individual cable length and labeling available
  • Kink protection sleeves in 10 different colors selectable
  • Large selection on stock

In addition to our coaxial cable assortment we also offer cable with Lemo 00 to Lemo 1S connectors.

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Hersteller Artikelnummern

Artikelnummer Bezeichnung Zusatz Artikel
1061970500 SAIL-M12W-PB-5.0D Bus-Leitung, Einseitig offen 154172
1062300150 SAIL-M12BW-PB-1.5D Bus-Leitung, Einseitig offen 154231
1062300500 SAIL-M12BW-PB-5.0D Bus-Leitung, Einseitig offen 154173
1062330150 SAIL-M12WM12W-PB-1.5D Bus-Leitung, Verbindungsleitung 154240
1062330300 SAIL-M12WM12W-PB-3.0D Bus-Leitung, Verbindungsleitung 154241
1093020150 SAIL-M12GM12G-4-1.5UGE Sensor/Aktor-Leitung, Verbindungsleitung 069717
1292200300 SAIL-7/8″BW-5-3.0U Sensor/Aktor-Leitung 154570
1292200500 SAIL-7/8″BW-5-5.0U Sensor/Aktor-Leitung 154171
1292201000 SAIL-7/8″BW-5-10U Sensor/Aktor-Leitung 154191
1783410000 SAI-Y-5S B2-4 2M12 Freikonfektionierbare Buchse, Freikonfektionierbarer Stecker 124520
1805660000 SAI Y-4S M8-M8 Freikonfektionierbare Buchse, Freikonfektionierbarer Stecker 124525
1824570030 SAIL-M8GM8G-3-0.3U Sensor/Aktor-Leitung, Verbindungsleitung 154111
1824570060 SAIL-M8GM8G-3-0.6U Sensor/Aktor-Leitung, Verbindungsleitung 154112
1824570100 SAIL-M8GM8G-3-1.0U Sensor/Aktor-Leitung, Verbindungsleitung 154113
1824570150 SAIL-M8GM8G-3-1.5U Sensor/Aktor-Leitung, Verbindungsleitung 154114
1824570200 SAIL-M8GM8G-3-2.0U Sensor/Aktor-Leitung, Verbindungsleitung 154115
1824570300 SAIL-M8GM8G-3-3.0U Sensor/Aktor-Leitung, Verbindungsleitung 154217
1824570500 SAIL-M8GM8G-3-5.0U

Cable assembly now at a reduced price -5%

Despite the unsteady summer weather, we have cut our prices in the configurator on Monday, 24.06.2013 for  short time by sunny 5%!
Get it now and order your required cable before the campaign is over.

Simply proceed as follows:
1. Follow the link –>
2. Select the desired assembly
3. Put the cable already reduced by 5% into the basket
4. Submit order

CAUTION:  the campaign only refers to assemblies that are available via the configurator, not to assemblies from the online shop!