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LMR 600

Newly arrived in our range: the LMR 600 and the LMR 600 FR

The LMR 600 is a high-quality coaxial cable with lowloss properties. With its PE sheath, it is suitable for outdoor use without restrictions. The manufacturer Times Microwave gives a 20-year guarantee on the UV resistance of its LMR cable.

The fire-resistant variant LMR 600 FR has an FRPE sheath that corresponds to the FRNC variants of the other LMR cables. Accordingly, it has the LSNH (Low Smoke No Halogen) property.

Fields of application: Radio application, broadband communication, automotive sector, assemblies …


SMA and Reverse SMA

RP SMA und SMAThe difference between a classic connector and its reverse version can often lead to confusion. Therefore, in this article we will go into the origins and differences of these connector types using the example of an SMA connector.

The difference between a classic connector and its reverse version can often lead to confusion. Therefore, in this article we will go into the origins and differences of these connector types using the example of an SMA connector.

An SMA connector (SMA = Sub-Miniature Version A) is primarily used for applications in frequency ranges from 1GHz …

Express production of cable assemblies

Short-term, critical requirements cannot always be foreseen and planned for accordingly. Knowing this, we offer express production of cable assemblies in various gradations. If our standard production time of 5-7 working days is not sufficient to meet your requirements on time, production can also be carried out in a shorter time for an additional charge, so that the ordered items can be delivered on the next working day if the order is received on time. For particularly critical needs, we recommend combining this with express delivery from UPS.

If you select express processing in the shopping cart during the ordering

Alternatives for coaxial connectores

Unfortunately, due to the current situation on the world market, delivery bottlenecks occur time and again. Coaxial connectors are not exempt from this, but often this is only due to the smallest components, which can delay delivery by months under certain circumstances. Therefore, it is generally advantageous to be able to switch to connectors from alternative manufacturers.


Shortening delivery times

We at have made it our business to offer our customers the greatest possible variety of different manufacturers in order to keep delivery times as short as possible. That’s why, in addition to well-known brand manufacturers such …

Kink protection for coaxial cable

One of the most annoying problems with coaxial cable applications is that they tend to break at their most vulnerable point, the connection between the cable and the connector. Be it due to frequent use or improper handling. This can be prevented with a bend protector for coaxial cables. We stock both bend protection sleeves and shrink sleeves, the advantages of which are explained below.

Kink protectors


These serve to mechanically protect cables from excessive bending directly at the connector. In addition, different coloured cable sleeves can be used to identify different signals. In our assortment you will find …

Cable comparison RG174 and RG316


Electrical characteristics
Designation RG174 A/U Coaxial cable RG316 /C Coaxial cable
Cable number of article 050239 050327
(plus statutory VAT)
0,36 until 0,43 EUR 1,46 until 1,62 EUR
Manufacturer unbranded Habia
Sheath type simply shielded simply shielded
Impedance 50 Ω 50 Ω
Capacity 100 pF/m 94 pF/m
Frequency max. 1 GHz max. 2.5 GHz
Max. voltage 2000 V
Cable attenuation 0.55 db [400MHz] 0.54 db [400MHz]
0.88 db [1GHz] 0.86 db [1GHz]
1.29 db [2GHz]
Sheath dimension 52 [db] 40 [db]
Velocity 66 [%/c] 70 [%/c]
Deceleration 4.8 [ns/m]
Mechanical characteristics
RG174 A/U Coaxial cable
RG174 A/U Koaxialkabel
RG316 /C Coaxial


coaxial cable consists of two concentric conductors, which are seperated by a dielectric and by a screen. Fields of applocation for coaxial cables are video technology, electrical measurement as well as applications, where radio signals have to be transferred without loss.

double screened coaxial cable is presented here
Structure of a double screened coaxial cable:
1   = inner conductor – solid wire or stranded wires (1b)
2   = dielectric / isolation
3a = braid or foil
3b = braid or foil
4   = outer sheath

more information about the structure of such cables: Structure coaxial cable


Hersteller Artikelnummern

Artikelnummer Bezeichnung Zusatz Artikel
1061970500 SAIL-M12W-PB-5.0D Bus-Leitung, Einseitig offen 154172
1062300150 SAIL-M12BW-PB-1.5D Bus-Leitung, Einseitig offen 154231
1062300500 SAIL-M12BW-PB-5.0D Bus-Leitung, Einseitig offen 154173
1062330150 SAIL-M12WM12W-PB-1.5D Bus-Leitung, Verbindungsleitung 154240
1062330300 SAIL-M12WM12W-PB-3.0D Bus-Leitung, Verbindungsleitung 154241
1093020150 SAIL-M12GM12G-4-1.5UGE Sensor/Aktor-Leitung, Verbindungsleitung 069717
1292200300 SAIL-7/8″BW-5-3.0U Sensor/Aktor-Leitung 154570
1292200500 SAIL-7/8″BW-5-5.0U Sensor/Aktor-Leitung 154171
1292201000 SAIL-7/8″BW-5-10U Sensor/Aktor-Leitung 154191
1783410000 SAI-Y-5S B2-4 2M12 Freikonfektionierbare Buchse, Freikonfektionierbarer Stecker 124520
1805660000 SAI Y-4S M8-M8 Freikonfektionierbare Buchse, Freikonfektionierbarer Stecker 124525
1824570030 SAIL-M8GM8G-3-0.3U Sensor/Aktor-Leitung, Verbindungsleitung 154111
1824570060 SAIL-M8GM8G-3-0.6U Sensor/Aktor-Leitung, Verbindungsleitung 154112
1824570100 SAIL-M8GM8G-3-1.0U Sensor/Aktor-Leitung, Verbindungsleitung 154113
1824570150 SAIL-M8GM8G-3-1.5U Sensor/Aktor-Leitung, Verbindungsleitung 154114
1824570200 SAIL-M8GM8G-3-2.0U Sensor/Aktor-Leitung, Verbindungsleitung 154115
1824570300 SAIL-M8GM8G-3-3.0U Sensor/Aktor-Leitung, Verbindungsleitung 154217
1824570500 SAIL-M8GM8G-3-5.0U