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Lemo I/O Box

Lemo I/O Box Breakout-box

Our Breakout-box is available with BNC, SMB, SMA plugs and sockets, open end with ferrules. More connectors on request.

New: Mow with Lemo 00 and 1S built-in sockets and multipolar Fischer connectors
New: Box to Box = Connection of two breakout-boxes without adapter, for more information  > BNC to BNC

Breakout-box BNC – SMA – SMB


Our Breakout-box has a light-weight, but robust case from aluminium and is designed for use on machines, in laboratories or in the automotive sector.
The Breakout-Box is available with various equipment:
with 4, 6 or 8 BNC-Sockets.

Breakoutbox in Edelstahl


New product:
The distribution of measuring signals to machines and measuring stations is now even easier thanks to our new Breakout-Box!

The housing of the Breakout-Box consists of stainless steel and is provided with 4 mounting holes for installation on a wall or on machine parts. The back side of the Breakout-box is sealed with potting compound and fulfills the requirements of IP67. The housing is completely closed, providing an increased protection from EMC-irradiation.

All connectors are isolated and are lead out individually. The connectors and the length of the line are freely selectable. By labelling the cables, the …