The conductor is isolated from the shielding by the dielectric and is located in the center of the cable. The geometry must be closely adhered. Is a coaxial cable bent lower than the permissible bending radius, the electrical values are no longer complied and the cable is no […]

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The RGL196 is suitable for use with piezoelectric sensors, as well as other highly sensitive measuring systems. Due to the design with a built-in carbon layer between the dielectric and the braid, electric charge is minimized by movement or pressure.

RGL196: (Sheath colour: transparent), 50Ω, halogen-free;
Temperature range -55°C to +200°C
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Here we present you a short list of our manufacturers of coaxial cables: TKD KABEL is among the largest providers of cable, lines, cable systems ready for connection and cable accessories worldwide. We offer our customers a broad product range with over 30,000 articles for various applications in nearly every field. Cables of all kinds […]

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PTFE – coaxial cables

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PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene, also known by the brand name Teflon®, dissolvent and temperature resistant up to 260°C, best electrical properties, but high material costs. PTFE is a hard material and is used as dielectric and as cable sheath.

Coaxial cables with PTFE sheath in our online-shop

LN 5002 | RGL 196

We […]

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Cable assembly

Cutting as of total lengths of 30 mm Stripping of the cables on one or both sides Twisting and tinning of single conductors Crimping, soldering, wrapping and binding on request Link to coaxial cables from stock Link to video cables from stock


Due to […]

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Thanks to our flexible and fast cable assembly, you have the opportunity to purchase customized cables at very reasonable prices.
We supply to all sectors from the automotive industry to the civil aviation sector.

High Quality – Connectors and cables only from well-known brands RF Cable assembly – manufactured in Germany […]

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Question: Which is the right cable for my application?

For applications up to 1GHz we recommend the RG174, for applications up to 2.5GHz we recommend the RG179RG188RG187 or RG316. For applications above 2.5Ghz we recommend the use of low loss cable such as SS405Multiflex_86 or CLF100. […]

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A coaxial cable consists of two concentric conductors, which are seperated by a dielectric and by a screen. Fields of applocation for coaxial cables are video technology, electrical measurement as well as applications, where radio signals have to be transferred without loss.

A double screened coaxial cable is presented here
Structure of a double screened coaxial cable:

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