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Our range of coaxcables and Cable assembly

Our range of cables and lines

Most of the coaxial cables and lines listed here, are available from stock in large quantities.
We also offer an individual procurement service.
You need large quantities of cable outside our range? Contact
You receive cables according to you wishes and instructions.

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Inquiry form for connection boxes: Signal connection box

Overview 50 Ω Coaxial Cable

50 Ω KOAXIALKABEL Artikel max. Freq.
bei 2 GHz/m
Ø inch
1.5 – 2.1 mm / Size:1
RG178 050173 2,5 2.11 FEP 0.072
RG196 A/U 050258 1

Compare coaxialcable


You want to compare two different coaxial cables?
Here you can see at first sight the characteristics of each coaxial cable, possibly from different manufacturers.


Question: Which is the right cable for my application?

For applications up to 1GHz we recommend the RG174, for applications up to 2.5GHz we recommend the RG179, RG188, RG187 or RG316. For applications above 2.5Ghz we recommend the use of low loss cable such as SS405, Multiflex_86 or CLF100. Due to the used materials and the cable structure, those cables are suitable for high frequencies (see …

Measuring lines with 4 mm plugs

Measuring line with banana plug of 2 mm and 4 mm are often applied for laboratory use.
We have high-quality measuring lines with  stackable bunch plugs. This technology enables to stack several bunch plugs (banana plugs) one above the other.

Cable: RG174 or Aircell 5
Plug: 4 mm banana plug / bunch plug
Manufacturer connectors: Telegärtner, MC (if not otherwise specified)

Pre-assembled cables in our shop

Prices from
Cable with BNC on 2x 4 mm plug RG174, 1 m
BNC-Plug <–> Safety plug 4mm (red/black)
15,60 EURO
Cable with BNC on 2x 4 mm plug, RG174, 1,5 m