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Now new: cover caps for coaxial connectors


Consistent performance and quality are very special concerns for us. To ensure that this remains the case in the course of your application, we have now added Telegärtner cover caps to our range. These protect your connectors from external influences such as dust as long as they are not connected to your application. For convenient handling, our cover caps are also optionally available with chains so that they do not get lost when not in use. Every cover cap in our range is waterproof to IP67 or IP54.

Protect your cable assemblies now with our new cover caps!

Designation Additional text
Cover cap with chain for N and UHF plugs IP54 H00010A0000 134800
Cover cap without chain for N socket IP67 H00010A1121 134801
Cover cap with chain for N and UHF socket IP67 H00010A1122 134802


Koaxial wires 75R / Video application:

Coaxial cable 75Ω | RG6 A/U | RG11 A/U | RG59 B/U | RG59 DS | RG59 Flex | arnoflex 59 LSNH | RG175 AF | RG179 B/U | RG179 B/U | RG187 A/U | RG302 /U | 0.41/1.9 AF FRNC | arnoflex 0.4/1.9 | 0,6/2,8 AF | arnoflex 0.6/2.8 | HD PRO 0.6/2.8 AF | 0.6/3.7 PVC | arnoflex 0.8/3.6 | 0.8/3.7 AF | 1.0/4.8 AF | 1.2/4.8 SC-Vector Plus | 1.2/4.8 SC-AQUA MARINEX