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Video cable

Assembled video cables

Cable for 6G-SDI / HDTV applications!
We provide you with pre-assembled video cables with the necessary requirements for the transmission of video signals for digital HDTV, UltraHD or 4K and SDI, 3-G-SDI and 6G-SDI, HD-SDI. You can choose from up to ten varicolored bend reliefs for your video cable. Due to the impedance of 75Ω, all cables are perfectly suitable for TV-technology, radio rechnology and video transmission.

You can choose from the following cables:

Video cable Article number max. freq.
bei 2 GHz/m
Ø (mm)
Ø (inch)
RG11 A/U 050135 1 0.47 PVC 10.30 0.406
RG59 B/U 050110 1 0.68 PVC 6.00 0.236
RGB75 050169 1 PVC 2.8 0.11
RG179 B/U 050101 1 1.28 FEP 2.54 0.1
RG187 B/U 050102 1 1.24 PFA 2.65 0.104
RG302 /U On request 1 1.07 FEP 5.10 0.201
0.41/1.9 AF 050248 5 0.71 FRNC 3.10 0.122
0,6/2,8 AF 050179 5 0.48 FRNC 5.40 0.213
HD PRO 0.6/2.8 AF 050214 5 0.48 FRNC 4.50 0.177
0.6/3.7 PVC 050215 0.8 PVC 6.00 0.236
0.8/3.7 AF 050212 5 0.39 FRNC 5.90 0.232
1.0/4.8 AF 050213 5 0.29 FRNC 7.00 0.276
1.2/4.8 SC-Vector Plus 050217 6 0.32 PUR 7.10 0.28
1.2/4.8 SC-AQUA MARINEX 050216 6 0.32 PUR 7.40 0.291

New in our program:
BNC pro- connectors by Damar & Hagen. Digital coaxial cables, HDTV and HD-SDI, video cable HDTV

Video cable with BNC and F-connector for analogous applications, pre-assembled here:

Video cable with BNC connectors, video cable with F connectors, HDTV HD-SDI video cable, video patch cable SDI

Video cable with BNC and F connector:

Video application – Studio technnology | HDTV HD-SDI video cable with BNCPro | Connection cable F-connector | Video-patch-cable HD-SDI

FME extension cable

doppelt_ges_koaxialkabel_we_06Information on the structure of video cables:
A coaxial cable for video technology consists of two concentric conductors.
They are seperated by a dielectric and a shield. Application areas for coaxial cable are video technology, electric metrology and applications, where radio signals need to be transferred lossless.

Depicted here is a double-shielded coaxial cable
Structure of a double-shielded coaxial cable:
1   = Inner conductor –  as solid wire or as braid (1b)
2   = Dielectric / Insulation
3a = Braided shield or film
3b = Braided shield or film
4   = Outer sheath

more Information on the structure of such lines: Structure coaxial cable

Video cable with 75R wave impedance

The wave impedance of coaxial cables depends only on the outer diameter of the inner conductor, the inner diameter of the outer conductor and of the dielectric constant of the dielectric lying in between. A vacuum is the best dielectric. Note that this wave impedance can not be measured with a multimeter unlike the ohmic resistance of a line.