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Lemo I/O Box

Lemo I/O Box Breakout-box

Our Breakout-box is available with BNC, SMB, SMA plugs and sockets, open end with ferrules. More connectors on request.

New: Mow with Lemo 00 and 1S built-in sockets and multipolar Fischer connectors
New: Box to Box = Connection of two breakout-boxes without adapter, for more information  > BNC to BNC

Breakout-box BNC – SMA – SMB


Our Breakout-box has a light-weight, but robust case from aluminium and is designed for use on machines, in laboratories or in the automotive sector.
The Breakout-Box is available with various equipment:
with 4, 6 or 8 BNC-Sockets.

Overview Lemo 1S plug connector

The LEMO 1S System is bigger than the Series 0S. Varius contact inlets for coaxial and single contacts are available.

  • Reliable Push-Pull-System
  • Every length available – Cable in RG174, RG316, RG179, RG58, RG59 and RG188 et al.
  • High quality – Cable grip with or without kink protection available
  • All pllug types combinable
  • Individual cable labelling according to your wishes

This is only a small selection, we can assemble every LEMO-Series in every combination according to your wishes with all kinds of cable types.

Link to: Online Shop, Configurator

Plug connector Type Article Installation instruction Data sheet
Lemo 1S Plug, straight,

Overview LEMO 00 plug connectors

LEMO 00 is the smallest series of thePush-Pull-plug connector. It is available with varioius coaxial and single contacts, also as hermaphroditic configuration. Adjustments to different cable diameters are possible.
Reliable cable clip, also available with integral kink protection sleeves for a longer durability and a better manipulation

Link to: Online Shop, Configurator

Plug connectors Type Article Installation isntruction Data sheet
Lemo 00 plug, straight, soldering / screwing 50 Ω 020163
Lemo 00 plug, straight, soldering / screwing 50 Ω 020344
Lemo 00 wall socket, soldering / screwing 50 Ω 135885
Lemo 00 socket, straight, soldering / screwing 50 Ω