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Measuring lines with 4 mm plugs

Measuring line with banana plug of 2 mm and 4 mm are often applied for laboratory use.
We have high-quality measuring lines with  stackable bunch plugs. This technology enables to stack several bunch plugs (banana plugs) one above the other.

Cable: RG174 or Aircell 5
Plug: 4 mm banana plug / bunch plug
Manufacturer connectors: Telegärtner, MC (if not otherwise specified)

Pre-assembled cables in our shop

Name Addition Prices from
Cable with BNC on 2x 4 mm plug RG174, 1 m BNC-Plug <–> Safety plug 4mm (red/black) 15,60 EURO
Cable with BNC on 2x 4 mm plug, RG174, 1,5 m