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PTFE – coaxial cables


PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene, also known by the brand name Teflon®, dissolvent and temperature resistant up to 260°C, best electrical properties, but high material costs. PTFE is a hard material and is used as dielectric and as cable sheath.

Coaxial cables with PTFE sheath in our online-shop

LN 5002 | RGL 196

We produce the exact suitable cable assembly for you!

Cables for high temperatures? Cables for engine test stands?
Cables for high vacuum? Cables and lines for mining and tunnel construction?
Assembled cables for machines with steel reinforcement? …

We proudce the exact suitable cables for you, starting from one piece. Experts buy at! Highest quality, reliable and fast delivery and your orders are repeatable at any time!

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Configurator for 50R and 75R coaxial cables

Applications for our cables and lines: Vacuum,
thermal-vacuum-applications, motor engine standsd, lines for
metal sensors, pressure sensor, torque sensor, underground mining,
tunnel construction, conveying systems, control lines, solar systems, wind power systems, medical technology and robotics.