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Plug connectors


Furthermore, all our cables are delivered with a black kink protection as a standard, to ensure a long durability of your cables. As an option, you can have the kink protection in 10 different colours e.g. yellow, green, blue, red et al. – for a better overview!

Overview RF connectors 50R

BNC connector, plug, socket and cable


RP-BNC plug, RP-BNC connector, RP-BNC socket


TNC plug, TNC-socket, TNC-connector


RP-TNC plug, RP-TNC socket, RP-TNC connector


N plug, N socket, N connector


SMA plug, SMA socket, SMA connector


RP-SMA plug, RP-SMA socket, RP-SMA connector


SMB plug, SMB socket, SMB connector


SMC plug, SMC socket, SMC connector


SMP plug, SMP socket, SMP connector


SSMB plug, SSMB socket, SSMB connector


SSMC plug, SSMC socket, SSMC connector


MCX plug, MCX socket, MCX connector


MMCX plug, MMCX socket, MMCX connector


Mini-UHF plug, Mini-UHF connector


FAKRA plug / connector


DIN 1.0/2.3 plug / socket / connector


7/16_DIN plug, 7/16_DIN connector


Coaxial cable D-Sub plug/socket


10-32_UNF-Microdot plug socket


QMA plug, QMA socket, QMA connector


QLS plug, QLS socket, QLS connector


WICLIC plug / connector


Overview RF connectors 75R

BNC 75R connector, plug, socket and cable


BNC Pro connectors, plugs, jacks, cables


BNC UHD connectors, plugs, jacks, cables


Mini BNC connectors, plugs, jacks, cables


Mini HD BNC plugs
Mini-HD connectors, plugs, jacks, cables


F plug, F socket, F connector


DIN 1.6/5.6 plug / socket / connector


Overview HV Connectors

BNC.HT plug, BNC.HT socket, BNC.HT connector


MHV plug, MHV socket, MHV connector


SHV plug, SHV socket, SHV connector


Overview LEMO

Lemo 00


Lemo 0S plug, Lemo 0S socket, Lemo 0S connector


Lemo 1S plug, Lemo 1S socket, connector


Overview Other

Laboratory 2mm plug, banana plug


Laboratory plug 4mm, banana plug


Test probes


Socket board


Core end sleeve


Removing insulation


Open end


VGA plug, VGA connector