You can choose between BNC_farbig_konfektionassemblies, which are assembled exclusively with brands of well-known manufacturers, and assemblies by manufacturers, who are less well-known. This does not mean, that the quality of the connectors and the resulting cable assemblies are worse or worth less. But it might be an option for especially price-sensitive applications, as the assemblies are usually between 2 to 5 €  more favourable than goods of brand manufacturers.

Example: BNC cable assembly by Telegärtner or by our alternative manufacturer
Price difference: 2.80 €

We check every batch of the connectors on technical parameters and pay close attention to a flawless production. Thus you can be sure, that even the most favourable cable connection is of very high quality.
Please note, that we are not saving on the cable! Even the favourable cables are manufactured with lines of well-known brand manufacturers.

Therefore, the quality of our products continues to be in our focus.
You won’t notice the difference in the technical/qualitative sector, but rather in the price segment.
With a connector of a less well-known manufacturer, the manufacturing costs are significantly lower

Production Just in Time

Pre-assembled cables under the following links:

BNC plug – BNC plug with Aircell 5 | BNC plug – BNC plug with CLF100 | BNC plug – BNC plug with Enviroflex 316_D | BNC plug – BNC plug with Enviroflex_400 | BNC plug – BNC plug with H155 PE | BNC plug – BNC plug with Multiflex 86 | BNC plug – BNC plug with RG316 | BNC plug – BNC plug with RG400

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