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Just-in-Time – Production and deliveries to your specifications

Just-in-Time production and deliveries

At koax24/litze24 you receive 95% of your orders at the exact time agreed. Are punctuality, quality and reproducible results important to you? Then you found the right partner in us. Due to our sophisticated order control concept, we can guarantee a just-in-time production and delivery.

Suppliers are controlled regarding quality and delivery reliability. Thus, a continuous supply chain between suppliers and customers is guaranteed. Via tracking, our customers can view their exact status of their delivery.

Benefit from these advantages and agree on JIT-delivery contracts.

All of our producuts are subject to quality control.
All orders are captured online and produced with internal work orders. We can determine each batch and production method at any time.
If you need the exact same specification within a year, you receive the identical product.

We work with state-of-the-art machines and tools, perfectly suitable for the connectors.

We assemble (almost) all cables suitable for your application!
Regardless of whether you need coaxial cables, triaxial cables or high voltage lines.

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Configurator for 50R and 75R coaxial cables

Do you regularly need cables, cable assemblies or connectors and you search for a reliable supplier?
Ask us for a favourable blanket order.