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IP protection types for coaxial connectors

What are IP protection types?

The abbreviation IP stands for International Protection or also Ingress Protection (protection from intrusion). In our case, the protection class for coaxial connectors provides information about their suitability for certain environmental conditions. This classification clearly clarifies whether a connector is suitable for outdoor use, for example, or whether it could be damaged by penetrating moisture. Incidentally, similar requirements for cables are explained in the article “Jacket materials for coaxial cables”. The individual protection classes are defined within Germany according to DIN and internationally according to ISO.

How is the IP code composed?

The code for the IP protection class always consists of the letters IP and two digits. In the ISO range, a “K” is added to the two highest protection classes in case of increased requirements (e.g. IP69K). In general, there are the protection classes IP00 to IP69 (or IP69K), with the former offering no protection at all and the latter offering maximum protection.

The first digit describes the protection against contact and foreign bodies and the second digit the protection against water. The higher the number, the better the protection against the described influence. This can be easily read in the following two tables, which explain the gradations of the protection classes:

1. Reference number Protection against touch Protection against foreign bodies
0 No protection against touch No protection against foreign bodies
1 Protection against large-area contact with the hand protection against foreign bodies with ∅ ≥ 50mm
2 Protection against touching with the finger protection against foreign bodies with ∅ ≥ 12mm
3 Protection against contact with tools or wire protection against foreign bodies with ∅ ≥ 2,5mm
4 Protection against contact with tools or wire protection against foreign bodies with ∅ ≥ 1,0mm
5 (5K) Complete contact protection protection against dust deposits inside
6 (6K) Complete contact protection protection against dust deposits (dust-tight)
2. Reference number Protection against water
0 no protection
1 Protection against vertically falling dripping water
2 Protection against diagonally falling dripping water up to 15°.
3 Protection against dripping water falling at an angle of up to 60°.
4 Protection against splashing water from all directions
5 Protection against water jets from any direction
6 Protection against strong jets of water
7 Protection against submersion up to 30min
8 Protection against permanent immersion
9 Protection against water during high-pressure cleaning

In our range we have some connectors whose manufacturers have defined an IP protection class for their products. A good example of this are our connectors from Telegärtner, almost all of which are IP classified.


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