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FEP – Koaxialkabel


FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene)
Insulation material with exceptionally good electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties. Permanent temperatures of up to 205°C and operating temperatures of up to -90°C are possible.

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Multiflex 86 | RG 142 | RG 179 | RG 316D | RGL 316 | RGT 178 | RGT 316 | SS 405

Comparison of coaxial cables

Do you want to compare two cables on their technical properties?
Which cable is the most suitable for me? Here you will find the answer Compare coaxial cables

Basic knowledge on coaxial cables

Basiswissen zu Koaxialkabel

coaxial cable consists of two concentric conductors, which are seperated by a dielectric and by a screen. Fields of applocation for coaxial cables are video technology, electrical measurement as well as applications, where radio signals have to be transferred without loss.

A double screened coaxial cable is presented here
Structure of a double screened coaxial cable:
1   = inner conductor – solid wire or stranded wires (1b)
2   = dielectric / isolation
3a = braid or foil
3b = braid or foil
4   = outer sheath

more information about the structure of such cables: Structure coaxial cable