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RG 59


RG 59 Coaxial line

Standard cable / 75 Ω

The RG 59 is a flexible and favourable coaxial cable for many applications
(50 Ω see RG 58). This line is compliant with UL-Standard MIL C 17.

RG 59 B/U: Sheath colour black, 50 Ω, Temperature range from -20 / +70°C

Material Diameter
Inner conductor Cu solid
0,60 mm
Dielectric PE 3,62 mm
Shielding Cu braiding /
Cable sheath PVC 6,15 mm
RG 59/U Kabel

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Difference coaxial cable to normal line: The RG 59 is a 6,15 mm thick coaxial radio frequency cable.
Single shielded and suitable for most applications such as video and IF lines.
The conductor is insulated from the shielding by the dielectric and is located in the centre of the cable.
The geometry must be very accurate and precise. If a coaxial cable is bent with a lower bending radius than permitted,
the electrical values won’t be met anymore and the cable cannot be used anymore for certain applications.
Common plug connector combinations: BNC, TNC, R-TNC, N, UHF, LEMO,
each plug, socket or also wall socket Link to our Cable assembly RG59


fitting kink protection sleeves
the following colours are available:
black (Standard), red, yellow, green, blue.