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RG 179


RG 179 Coaxial cable / 75 Ω

Universal coaxial cable, compliant with standard MIL-C 17F

Application fields: Metrology, laboratory use, audio and video, broadband communication, automotive sector

RG 179 B/U: Sheath colour transparent, 75 Ohm, halogen-free, Temperature range from -65 / +205°C

Material Diameter
Inner conductor StCu-litz wire, silver plated 0.3 mm
Dielectric PTFE 1.52 mm
Shielding Cu-braiding, silver plated
Cable sheath FEP 2.5 mm
RG179 Kabel

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Difference coaxial cable and normal line: The RG 179 is a 2,5 mm thin radio frequency cable with silver plated conductor. Single shielded, temperature- and abrasion resistant and suitable for high quality applications. The following plug connectors are common: BNC, TNC, R-TNC, Mini-UHF, SMP, FME, LEMO, 1.0/2.3, 1.6/5.6, VGA, D-Sub, et al.
Kin protection sleeves in 10 different colours
the following colours are available:
black (Standard), brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, grey, white Please note:
If not otherwise required by you, we deliver with black kink protection. Link to our cable assembly RG179

Data sheet:

RG179 B/U
75 Ω
63 KB