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Ecoflex 10®


Ecoflex_10® / 50Ω – Coaxial line

Low Loss Cable – double shielded

The Low Loss Cable is suited for a frequency range up to 6 GHz. The RF-line is flexible and is recommended for radio communication applications. The good attenuation values are achieved by a low loss PE dielectric with an air component of more than 50%, as well as by the inner conductor and the double shielding from pure copper.

Ecoflex_10® is a coaxial cable for most applicatoins in the news and radio communication technology: it is extremely flexible, with a low attenuation and stray radiation resistant.

Ecoflex_10® (Sheath colour: black) 50 Ω
Temperature range from -55 / +85°C

Material Diameter
Inner conductor Cu-lit wire 19x 0,37 mm /
2,85 mm
Dielectric Foam-PE 5,0
Shielding Cu-braiding / Cu-foil 6,50 mm
Cable sheath PVC-black 10,20 mm
Ecoflex Kabel


Available plug connectors for Ecoflex_10®: BNC plug and clutch
N Plug and socket
TNC Plug and socket
UHF Plug
SMA Plug and socket
Typical attenuation values are:

50 MHz = 4,5 dB/100 m
100 MHz = 6,3 dB/100 m
1800 MHz = 30,0 dB/100 m
5000 MHz = 57,0 dB/100 m