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Coaxial cable Belden 7806A / 50Ω

more sophisticated, weather proof alternative for coaxial cable RG58

exceeds the standard MIL-C 17F

Application fields: Metrology, Laboratory use, Audio and radio communication, Broadband communication, Automotive sector, WLAN

Manufacturers name: Belden 7806A (RG-58-Type), Sheath: PE, black, 50 Ω
Temperature range from -40 / +75°C

Material Diameter
Inner conductor Cu, solid wire 0.94 mm
Dielectric PE, foamed 2,95 mm
Shielding Al-foil / CU-braiding, tinned
Cable sheath PE 4,95 mm


Difference 7806A to standard coaxial cables: The 7806A is a 4,95 mm thin PE radio frequency cable. Double shielded and suitable for high quality applications in a normal temperature range, alos for outdoors. The dimensions comply with standard cable RG 58.
The following plug connectors are common:BNC, TNC, N, UHF and SMA and many more.
All plug connectors can be used that are suitable for RG58Es.