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G_01130_HT-03 – 50Ω – Coaxial line

Low-Noise-Coaxial cable

This cable family was particularly developed for aplications where mechanical forces like vibrations, bending or torsion movements have impacts on the cable.
On conventional cables, such external forces can cause significant disturbances.
Whereas this cable has a conductive PVC layer in order to minimize these disturbances.

Manufacturers name: G_01130_HT-03
Sheath colour black, 50 Ohm, Temperature range from -25 / +85°C, up to 1 GHz, RoHS compliant

Material Diameter
Inner conductor Cu braiding blank 0.45 mm; 7*0,15
Dielectric PE 1.40 mm
Shielding Cu-braiding blank 2.30 mm; 91 %
Cable sheath PVC 2.80 mm

Difference Low-Noise-Coaxial cable and normal line: The G_01130_HT-03 is a 2,8 mm thin radio frequency cable. Very flexible and suitable for all applications where a high noise level can be disturbing  (here smaller than 10 mV).

The following plug connectors are recommended: BNC, TNC, N, SMB, SMA, SMC, MCX, Micro connectors like MMCX and SSMB as well as LEMO.

Kink protection sleeves in 10 different colours
the following kink protection colours are available:
black (Standard), brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, grey, white
Please note:
If not otherwise required by you, we deliver with a black kink protection.