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Individual labelling

For an optimum differnetiation of your cables, we offer you an  individual labelling on two lines with up to 15 characters each. Our labels are all waterproof, abrasion- and acid-resistant and thus offer you a durable possibilty to  note for example serial numbers, company names, connecting ports etc directly on the cable.

Customer specific cable labelling

Tip: Use in combination with our coloured kink protection. Design: Wrap-around labels are available in widths of 12.70 mm and 25.40 mm. The printing will be made black on white. It will be a 2-line printing with max. 15 characters each. As a standard, the labels are attached with a width of 12.70 mm and a distance of 50 mm fro the plug end. you wish a different distance or a width of 25.40 mm? Simply indicate on the order. The reading direction is correct, when the plug is at the right.

Kink protection in different colours

the following colours are available:
black (standard), brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, grey, white

Please note:
If not otherwise required by you, we always deliver with a black kink protection.

You want no kink protection? Please give us a short note!
You can also have a kink protection as heat-shrink tubing with / without internal adhesive.

Braided hose – Textile hose

You can also have different coloured braided hoses.
An additional braided hose is a perfect possibility to protect and  bundle your cables.
It is perfectly suitable as a protection sheath for cable harnesses, lines etc. Of course we can put such a braided hose on your cable. Here some key data:

Mechanical characteristics of braided hose – textile hose

Material: Polyester
Application temperature: – 50°C – + 150°C
Melting temperature: + 260°C
Flammability: self extinguishing
Tensile strength: 84.50 Mpa
Ultimate elongation: 350%