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Coaxial cable SCF14-50

Koaxialkabel SCF14-50
Koaxialkabel SCF14-50

Woven sheath cable LowLoss of category 1/4 inch / 50 Ohm
also known as 1/4″ CELLFLEX (R) Superflexible Foam-Dielectric Coaxial Cable.

This LowLoss woven sheath cable has a woven shield from solid copper, a dielectric from foam-PE and an inner conductor from copper plated aluminium.

Application fields: Antennas, highly stable connections to base stations, military technology


Cable type: SCF14-50J
Wave impedance: 50 Ohm,
Frequency range up to 20 GHz,
Inner conductor: Alu copper plated
Inner conductor diameter: 1,9 mm,
Dielectric diameter: 4.3 mm,
Shielding: woven copper
Sheath: PE,
External diameter: 7.8 mm,
Colour: black,
Temperature range: -50°C to +85°C,
Attenuation with 2 GHz: ca. 0,28 dB/m.,

  • Woven sheath cablae SCF14-50J D= 7,8 mm / PE / Temp: -50°C to +85°C