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Breakout Box with 8x BNC socket

Our Breakout-Box has a light-weight, but robust case from alumium and is designed for application on machines, laboratory workplaces or in the automobile industry.

Breakout Box mit 8x BNC-Buchse
The Breakout-Box is available in various versions:
with4, 6 or 8 BNC-sockets. You can either choose the cable length of the supply line and the plug connectors on your own or take the lengths recommended by us.

A customer specific completion is possible without  additional expenses. All cables are connected individually with the plug connectors in the box and  joined by a PG gland as well as a braided hose. Each plug connector can be clearly assigned by the labelling both on the device and on the cable.

Advantage of the Breakout-Box: Onward transfer of measuring signals, i.e. by simple replugging of the measuring device, several measuring points can be controlled favourably. The shielding of the cables minimizes disturbances (e.g. external radiation).

Cable: RG174 (max. 1 GHz ) or RG316D (max. 3 GHz)
Plug connector Break Out Box: BNC-socket (others on request)
Number of jacks:4, 6 oder 8
Plug connector cable: BNC plug, SMB-socket
Dimension Box: ca. 150 x 80 x 30 mm (Alumium black)
Length supply line: 2,5 m, 5 m, 10 m
Manufacturer plug connector: Telegärtner and Radiall

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Breakout Box made-to-order! Download request form: Download request form